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Arrows Farm Update

Back to the Table

We have been dreaming of hosting farm to table dinners ever since we had the idea of starting our farm. With the mountains in the background, we dreamt of loved ones gathering around a long table with candles, enjoying a deliciously cooked meal with all local, high quality ingredients. It has been a long time coming to finish our farm kitchen to begin hosting dinners and we are so excited that it is complete! With the kitchen finished, we are so excited to begin hosting chefs to our Arrows Farm Dinners.

Arrows Farm Kitchen

These dinners will be an immersive experience where you can walk through our farm, smell the ingredients, watch the chef cook, and enjoy all local products on your plate. Hosted by Arrows Farm, we will bring rotating chefs to showcase different fresh, seasonal ingredients under the sky and Northeast Georgia Mountains. This experience is created for food lovers to be shared with family, friends, and maybe friends you have not met yet! We invite you to this unique experience to learn how to create fresh meals on your plate at home, from ingredients grown in your backyard (or maybe at a local farm!)

Back to the Table

These dinners will be held at our farm, in a covered barn (held rain or shine), with a different chef and experience every dinner. We will embrace our surroundings while also getting an education in sustainability and stewardship. Our hope is that you will leave feeling a greater understanding of the labor of love behind your meal and how to recreate this in your own home. At Arrows Farm, our goal is to bring families back to the table, starting from the earth to your plate. Dinners are held beginning in early Fall and will continue as chefs' schedule and Autumn nights allow.

Menus will be prepared by the Chef and created using seasonal ingredients. With this in mind, each dinner will be different and always changing. Each chef will bring a different culinary background and flair to their dishes to highlight our local ingredients. Expect to see unique ideas, fresh plates, and other local farms and businesses.

Along with an exquisite meal, expect an informal mingling with others as your walk along the garden paths of fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables, and our greenhouses as you enjoy local wines and appetizers. We will then head to our long table where you can expect a multi-course meal prepared by a chef in our open kitchen (feet away from our table) paired with local spirits. At the end of the night, enjoy delightful conversation with guests as the sun sets.

Please stay tuned as we announce our first dinner, we are excited to welcome you to Arrows Farm Kitchen. If you would like to be added to a list to a waiting list for future chef-dinners, please email me at

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