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Arrows Farm Camps 2022

We are wrapping up Summer 2022, with the school year around the corner. With all the busyness of summer, I wanted to share a wrap up of our Little Arrows Farm Camps.

With this being our first farm camp, we weren't sure how many campers would have sign up. We are thankful to have full camps and happy campers (a few returning ones too!). We spent the days doing farm chores (feeding the chickens, checking on the horses, picking blueberries or vegetables), lots of opportunities for exploring, and a garden lesson each day (you can find the curriculum I created and followed here). All around favorite activities were feeding the chickens, running throughout the gardens, and snacking on endless blueberries.

I loved seeing the kids learn in an unstructured setting and just be kids. Spending four hours outside in the Georgia summer heat (especially with a heat advisory) can seem like a long time, but these kids found plenty of ways to explore and learn. It was fun to see some of these kids experience something new that they may not usually get to do (like picking up a chicken or eating fresh kale).

We enjoyed our camps so much and were so pleased that our campers did too! Little Arrows Camp is something we hope to do each year and continue to grow bigger.

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