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Have you wanted your children to engage with you in your garden? Not sure where to start? Little Arrows Garden Curriculum is an engaging and comprehensive framework created for children 2-6 based on educational standards; incorporating Science, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Gross Motor, Health Education, and Social Emotional Skills. All curriculum alignment is based on Georgia Standards. For pre-k (ages 3-5), the curriculum includes standards from Georgia Learning and Development Standards (GLEDS). For Kindergarten (ages 5-6), the curriculum includes standards from GA Kindergarten Standards of Excellence (GSE). This curriculum is perfect year round, in all climates. 


These lesson plans (10 lessons included) will be for you and your child to explore your garden and learn along the way. This is not meant to be a formal lesson, have fun with your children or class and enjoy being outside together!

Little Arrows Curriculum

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