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Using the Sun to Prepare Your Soil

If you are struggling to plant due to weeds, mites, or other pests, solarization is an effective and environmentally friendly way to remediate the soil. Solarization uses a transparent polyethylene cover, like this one here, to trap solar energy to kill all bacteria, fungi, or other pests in the soil.

Steps to Solarize your Soil

  1. Clear area of any debris or plants.

  2. Water soil deeply until it is completely wet.

  3. Cover the area with clear plastic (1 to 6 mil painter's plastic). Don't use black or white, it will not allow enough heat through to do the job.

  4. Bury edges in soil to trap heat in.

  5. Leave for at least four weeks during hottest time of summer.

  6. Remove plastic.

  7. Test soil, this will give the exact steps you need next to amend it (we recommend organic compost because it would be the most environmentally friendly).

Hope this helps, good luck growing!

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