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Guide to Fall Fun

As weather begins to cool down, you may be seeing all the events for Fall. There are Fall festivals, plenty of packed Pumpkin Patches, and carnivals. This guide simplifies what to do during this busy season and offers the opportunity to slow down. Make a meal, get outside, and enjoy this beautiful season. So here at Arrows Farm, we hope you complete this guide and spend meaningful time with those you love! To download a checklist, events, and more check out our store for a free guide, here.

Attend a Fall Event

There are so many Fall Events happening during this season. We love getting involved with our community and attending local events. We are so thankful to live in a community where there are so many fun things happening! Along with attending other local events, we are hosting our own Fall Harvest Days 10/28 3-7pm and 11/11 12-4pm. These Harvest Days will have lots of Fall Fun along with seasonal, fresh meals, and drinks for purchase. To buy tickets, check out our events page here.

We also have a Fall Lunch with Chef Inger Smith! This will be an elevated meal by a talented Chef with multiple course and chances to learn how to use seasonal ingredients into delicious, fresh dishes. This is a truly unique experience to learn where your food comes from, check out here to learn more.

Attend a Farmer's Market

As seasons change, this brings new foods to cook with. Check out our guide to see what foods are in season in Georgia. Look for these foods as you check out your local Farmer's Market. Use this chance to connect with your local farmers!

Grow a Pumpkin from Seed

Pick up a pumpkin from a local Farmer's Market and carve a fun design. Make the most out of it by saving those seeds and start some seedlings. These seeds are great to quickly sprout. Take a seed, place In a ziplock baggy with a damp paper towel. Next close baggy and tape to sunny window. Watch your seed sprout (expect 2-3 days). Transfer these sprouts to pot with soil and watch them continue to grow! This Is a great way to Introduce the lifecycle of a pumpkin (seed, sprout, and if you transfer it and keep going - vine, flower, green pumpkin, orange pumpkin). Take pictures at each stage, print them out, and put them In the correct order.

Jump in a Leaf Pile

Rake leaves into a pile and jump in! Go on a leaf scavenger hunt! Search for different colors, shapes, or sizes. Or identify each tree from its leaf or seed. Discuss how these leaves turn into rich soil for other plants. Make your own compost from some of these leaves. Add soil to a jar. Next add newspaper and kitchen scrapes. Then add layer of yard clippings and leaves. Repeat until jar is full. Finally add rainwater then put top on jar with name and put holes in for oxygen. Draw a line at the top of where compost is. Set on sunny windowsill. Every two weeks, draw new line at new “top”. In about 12 weeks, nature will do its work and you’ll have a jar of healthy organic matter!

Make a Seasonal Meal

As you attend a local Farmer's Market you will see and smell all the delicious veggies and fruits harvested in Fall. Take the time to ask your farmer what they like to cook with this produce. Pumpkin Chili, butternut squash soup, and Eggplant Bison Lasagna are some of our favorite recipes. See our Eggplant Bison Lasagna Recipe we enjoyed with our eggplant, green bell peppers, onions, garlic, herbs, tomato sauce, and local Bison from Soque River Properties - yum!

Plant Something New

Don't have a garden yet? Use this time to start small! You can do herbs indoors or start spinach or lettuce from seedlings purchased from a local nursery. Check out our guide of what to plant this Fall.

There is so much to do this Fall and sometimes it can feel like we need to be doing more. We hope this guide encourages you to slow down a bit more and just enjoy the season!

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