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Arugula Pizza

Besides sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta, and eggs, there is actually another way to eat arugula...ON PIZZA. Italians often use arugula on pizza to contrast the rich taste of the marinara sauce with the peppery taste of arugula. It definitely adds an extra flavor to pizza that I love!

Arugula as a topping can really be added to any other pizza toppings, the key is to toss it in olive oil and salt and pepper! Plain arugula on a pizza will taste a bit bland, I definitely recommend adding olive oil beforehand.

On our pizza, we used our Italian cress arugula. This arugula has a peppery-nutty taste and is a great addition to your garden. Its leaves are wider than most arugula you are used to, meaning it gives you more bang for your buck. This is perfect for the gardener who might not have as much patience to collect smaller arugula leaves. In addition to a great taste, it also has plenty of health benefits.

Arugula contains glucoraphanin, which is converted to sulphoraphane. So what exactly are these things? It belongs to a class of phytochemicals that are known for being anti-cancerous. In addition to glucoraphanin, arugula contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also known for being an anti-carcinogenic. Fighting cancer seems like a great reason to eat arugula, right? On top on these benefits, it also contains a punch load of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, folate, and Vitamin K. This green is a great addition to anyone's diet.


While pizza is finishing in the oven, break or chop up arugula and place in medium sized bowl. Add in olive oil (we LOVE this olive oil) and salt and pepper as desired.

Once pizza is cooked, add arugula on top of pizza and enjoy.

If you enjoy our arugula or this recipe, let me know! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @thearrowsfarm or email me at Cheers!

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