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4 Ways to Save Money while starting a Garden

With all the craziness going on in the World, many people are wanting to start their own garden. Between experiencing supply chain issues, wanting a healthier lifestyle, and to save money, starting your garden is a great idea during these crazy times. A quick google search may lead you down a rabbit hole of ideas, things to buy, and endless "Pinterest looking" gardens. We truly believe you can start a small garden without all these fancy to-do lists. Using these 4 tips, you will be able to start your garden while saving some money.

Make your own compost

This is a simple one that anyone can do. This will also be much more nutrient dense (and cheaper) than buying bags of quality garden soil from the store.

Get a small garbage can and put it under your sink. Add your own grass cuttings, organic kitchen scraps (eggs, banana peels, onion scraps, etc.), leaves and other materials to your own compost. Over time, let the compost do its thing and it will be ready to go for your garden.

Collect/grow your own seeds

If you only knew how much seeds you are throwing away every time you throw away your vegetable scraps! Buying plants and seeds can add up over time. Instead, you can collect your seeds/ make cutlings from your past plants to grow. Read my blog post here about propagating from the grocery store.

This is a great way to build up your garden over time with healthy plants, it may take more time but is a great way to save money.

Use recycled materials

If you are always heading to your local hardware store to buy gardening or farming tools, you will learn quickly how this adds up to a hefty price tag (looking at my husband). We often head to our local Habitat for Humanity to find (mostly brand new) tools. We have gotten hoes, chicken wire, ladders, and pots here to save some extra cash. You never know what you will find here, and it changes weekly, so it is always fun to see what we will find. Goodwill or Facebook Market are other great resources. We have gotten lawn mowers, trailers, and more from Facebook Market.

Reach out to a Neighbor

Being friends with farmers is a huge resource. No one knows what you're going through more than a fellow farmer. If you can, try and find a neighbor or someone you can reach out to for splitting resources. Whether it be sharing mulch, having a seed party, or sharing advice, being friends with a fellow gardener is a huge beneficial resource.

Hope these tips help you start gardening in your own patio, backyard, or where ever your garden grows!

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