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4 Easy Steps to Herb Growing

If you have ever had fresh herbs, you understand why you would want to always have some at home on hand. Fresh herbs can change the taste of a dish and add new flavors. They are also cheap to grow and a great family activity to work on together.

Here are some quick steps to start growing herbs at home.

1. First choose which herbs you want to plant.

I love rosemary, basil, and mint in many different recipes. Rosemary is also easy to grow and adds a huge boost of flavor to chicken, vegetables, bread, or pasta sauce. Basil, parsley, and mint are also all fairly easy to start. You can grow from seeds, or purchase seedlings from a local nursery. Buying seedlings from a local nursery will save you a couple weeks of waiting for growth and give you a better chance of a successful harvest.


Requires a cool climate with lots of sun and water.


Prefers sunny locations in rich soil that is well watered.


Does best in well drained soil with partial shade


Best to have their own container, above ground (this is how we are currently growing ours). Can handle some shade, best in strong sunlight.

2. Choose where you want to grow your herbs.

You can choose a well - drained, reasonably sized pot (to put in your kitchen or deck). Mason jars are pretty, but will not allow your plant to drain excess water. Sizing is also important, too huge of a pot and your herbs will spend too much energy trying to grow. If your pot is too small, the herb will be cramped and hamper their growth. Your backyard also works - just to be sure that the herb will be planted in a proper location for its needs.

3. Get healthy soil.

We use compost with our soil, but you can also get potting soil. This will help your herbs grow in a nutrient dense environment.


Just like all other plants and flowers (or children!), herbs require regular care to flourish. Water them on a consistent schedule and harvest them as they are ready. If planting in soil, they may need to be weeded occasionally.

Hope this helps! We'd love to hear about how you are enjoying your herbs. Share with us on our facebook page or instagram. We also include our herbs with our bags for pick up!


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