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How Much to Plant for Your Family

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Planting can be very uncertain - especially if it is your first time. How many seeds do I need? Will this be enough to feed my family? Is this too much food?

This post will answer some of those questions and give you a plan to successfully plant enough food for your family and a better understanding of how much you will need to start.


Some factors that you will need to consider before planting, what does your family like to eat? If your family does not eat kale, this is obviously not something you should be planting. Also, the ages of your family. We have a baby under a year - so we also have a pretty good idea of how much we eat as a family. Lastly, consider how much room you have to plant. This will look different for everyone.

Here are some good guidelines of how much to plant (this should last for an entire year).

Carrots: 20-30 plants per person

Greens/Lettuce: 5-6 plants per person

Potatoes: 15-20 plants per person

Squashes: 2-3 plants per person

Sweet Potatoes: 5-10 plants per person

Tomatoes: 3-5 plants per person

Before planting, it is important to take in these factors to make the most of your space available and to ensure you have enough food. Now time to go start planting!

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