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Blueberry Season

Few things are better than fresh fruit locally grown on a hot summer day (or at least I think so!). As temperatures start to rise in Georgia, we have been outside picking blueberries.

Some great news - blueberries can be grown right in your backyard! We have about twenty blueberry trees growing right next to our home. With twenty trees, we will have about eighty pounds this summer season (aka A LOT of blueberries). For your family, you probably do not need eighty pounds of blueberries. One to two trees would be great for a family of three to four. These trees take about THREE TO FOUR YEARS to fully grow. However, like most things in life, the fruit is worth the wait.

Looking to start growing blueberries? Here are some quick tips to help get you started.

  • Plant in a sunny spot (blueberries LOVE this and will produce more fruitful trees)

  • Test for pH, blueberry trees prefer a high acidity of 4-5 (check my post about how we tested our soil)

  • Water well and regularly

  • Pick fruit during fruiting season often to keep away birds

Cheers and happy growing!

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