History of the Farm



The foundation is laid.

Four thousand acres were claimed on the South Fork of the Hardware River, by building a stone foundation into the crest of a hill overlooking the river. The home site is carefully selected to catch the cool river breezes and winter sun shining through ash trees. At this time, the future site of Charlottesville is still a Monacan tribal village.


Changes are afoot.

Until this time the farm had been operated as a slave plantation. After Emancipation, the landowners built a sawmill and a grain mill that would service the area for decades to come.

The 20th Century

The farm gets its name.

In 1908 a map simply referred to the farm as "The Old Place". Horse-drawn carriages rambled by on what was the Old Lynchburg Road, just a few dozen yards away. Over the years, the farm has been used for many things - cattle, goats, carriage repair...

In the 1950's, rabbits became the farm's new business venture, the name "The Arrows" was born, and a sign out front with a picture of a cartoon rabbit drawing a bow and arrow advertised to motorists along the newly built Route 29.

The Future





Cycles of life.

Regeneration. Renewal. Rebirth. These are the processes at work in the soil. They continue without a caretaker. But with a guiding hand, we can direct the full orchestra of soil life, from the microbes to the carrots. Return to the soil what has died, so that we may yet live. Listen to the old ways, so that we may know the way forward.

Choose your path. Follow your arrow.