The pure headwaters of the South Fork of the Hardware River flow down from the nearby mountains and straight along our farm, clear as glass. For irrigation, I use a river pump, which uses the force of the flowing river to turn a turbine, which sends some of the water uphill to a tank for storage until needed. No electricity or fossil fuels involved. There is elegance in simplicity.

Additionally, we wash our vegetables using a nontoxic potable water line, free from the heavy metals and phthalates that are so ubiquitously used in nearly all common garden hoses. Why go to the effort of producing nontoxic vegetables if you hose them off with toxic water?


Our rich alluvial soil was deposited by the river over countless centuries of erosion. I feel pride in being the steward of this soil, protecting it, building it up, nourishing it, and knowing that I will leave this place better than I found it. This is accomplished through carefully managed grazing, the use of cover crops, compost, and select natural sources of micronutrients to keep everything in balance.


Aside from building soil, cover crops also provide nutrients to our vegetables, offer extra nectar and pollen to pollinating insects, increase biodiversity to lessen pest problems, and so much more. We are committed to letting nature help us do our work and protecting our pollinators, so we do not use any chemical sprays.